Who is the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption?

The Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption is the only public nonprofit charity in the United States that is focused exclusively on foster care adoption. Right now, more than 120,000 children are waiting to be adopted from foster care in the United States. We are working against the clock to find permanent homes for these children before they age out of foster care.

How does my gift make an impact?

Through our signature Wendy's Wonderful Kids® program, the Foundation provides funding to adoption agencies to support the hiring of recruiters who implement an evidence-based, child-focused recruitment model. Research has proven the model to be up to 3x more effective at serving teens, children with special needs and siblings who are most often overlooked. These recruiters work with smaller caseloads to ensure every child receives the time, resources and support they deserve.

During the COVID-19 crisis, these recruiters continue to work, using technology and other creative ways to stay connected to youth in their care.

Your gift is critical to ensure that there are enough recruiters to serve children waiting to be adopted from foster care who need our help more than ever.

With your support, the Foundation can fully expand Wendy's Wonderful Kids in all 50 states. To date:


Children living in group homes or institutional care are at an increased risk of contracting the coronavirus. Even if they remain healthy, these young people are struggling with being separated from their communities and often lack the technology to stay connected. And as foster families increasingly manage sickness and economic hardship due to the pandemic, many children in foster care may have to move to another family. Again.

The negative effects of the COVID-19 crisis deepen our understanding of the need for permanency and the everyday safety of family and home.

While the way adoption professionals work has temporarily changed to align with guidelines set forth by the CDC, and their state and/or agency policies, your support allows them to continue finding forever families for children in foster care.


When a child in foster care turns 18 or 21 years old (depending on their state), they exit the foster care system. Unfortunately, the system is stretched beyond capacity...last year, more than 20,000 youth aged out of care without the loving, adoptive home they were promised. That's more than 50 young people per day who could be navigating this deadly pandemic and an economic crisis without the security and support of a permanent family.

These young people face an increased risk from COVID-19 because of close quarters in shelters if they are homeless, few opportunities for employment and a lack of access to health care should they become infected.

Your donation helps us find adoptive homes for these teens before it is too late.

Are children in foster care because they Are bad kids?

No. Children enter foster care through no fault of their own because of abuse and neglect. The unfortunate reality is that many of these children are not returning to their birth families because it is simply not safe.

Is my gift tax-deductible?

Donations to the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption are in U.S. dollars and are tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowed by U.S. law. Tax ID: 31-1356151.

Thank you for giving the gift of family. Together, we will make a lifetime of impact for children and teens who need our help the most.

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